Montreal voice coach and singing teacher Lesley Findlay. Shave years off your training with simple, easy to master steps!

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Vocal Technique is the brainchild of Montreal voice coach & singing teacher Lesley Findlay, dedicated to developing amazing vocal artists in every style. It shares her deep knowledge of every aspect of singing. With this knowledge and her simple exercises, you too can build a strong foundation to properly master your singing voice, one step at a time.

Your voice was created perfect; how you use it may not be. You can’t develop what you don’t understand, so some basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology is important in training, not only outstanding singers in every style, but confident actors, journalists and other public speakers as well. The more you know about your voice, the more respect you will have for its strengths and limitations and better understand how to keep it in top shape.

Whether you sing pop, rock, R&B, soul, jazz, folk, country, Broadway, classical, opera, or have an important speaking engagement, you can trust Lesley's guidance. She'll help you overcome difficulties that may have bothered you for years, or maybe you just want a fresh start with someone who understands where you want to go with your music and can take you there. Either way, she makes it easier to reach your full potential in the least amount of time possible.

As a teacher, Lesley is interested in the details; she helps you develop a subtle coordination between your vocal cords, your breath and your body. Every singer has a unique sound based on their body’s structure and some innate ability according to how they stand and breathe, both in speech and in singing. Her approach is to harness your natural ability and develop it, by making you focus on a few details at a time.

You'll start with a clear understanding of each vocal exercise. Is it to work on phonation, resonance, breathing, support, attack (vocal onset), alignment, anchoring, high notes, focus, improving vowels or vibrato. How can you sing a nice, easy, relaxed, high note if you don’t know how it’s produced? Lesley has solved this problem before in as few as three lessons by working physically from a knowledge base, rather than metaphorically like most coaches.

You’ll be surprised by Lesley's clarity and her simple, straightforward approach. She's like a breath of fresh air, able to answer all your concerns about singing in general, or your voice in particular. As a pedagogue, she can explain & show you, step-by-step, how to master any aspect of singing from pop to classical. Students agree, she really knows her stuff.

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